Short About Ramps

Ramps are native to North America and are totally organic vegetables. They are dug straight from the woods. The entire plant can be eaten. The plants are among the first to emerge in late winter and are harvested from March 28th. through May 7th. The seeds can be planted in the autumn for best results but can also be planted in the spring.

Prices and Info

Seeds = $4.50 for 60 seeds, plus Postage and Handling($0.75) These can be shipped all year around.

Ramps = these include the tops, stems and bulbs.
Postage is according to time zone, if I can 'fit and ship'.
These will be shipped PRIORITY MAIL. Ohio residents add 7.5% sales tax. These can only be shipped between March 28th. thru May 7th. Ramps have a very short season.

This winter, after buyers' suggestions, we will offer dormant ramp bulbs for those who want to have 'ramp gardens'. These ramp bulbs will be shipped, weather permitting, from November 15th. Thru February 15th. They will be shipped priority mail to ensure a timely planting in the frigid weather. Bulbs should be covered with up to two inches of soil and then covered with deciduous tree leaves for insulation.

All orders over 30 # will have their postage set by just how much the Postal Service charges. LedgeRock will ship the ramps to you without a postage fee until we know just how much it is. Large orders often take more than one box. We will ship and then you will reimburse us for the postage. We will have to trust each other.

Garlic Scapes

Garlic scapes Ohio Garlic Scapes are the reproductive structures of the garlic bulb. They can be fried, baked or made in a tantalizing pesto. Their season is short, just like the ramps. From the last part of May to the middle of June they are at their prime. They are priced by the pound and 1 # sells for $17.00 They will be shipped via priority mail and they should arrive in two days time.

Products and Price list

Products Quantity Price Buy Now
Seeds 60 $4.50
Ramps 1 pound $12
  2 pounds $20.00
  3 pounds $30.00
  4 pounds $40.00
  5 pounds $50.00
Garlic Scapes 1 pound $17.00


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